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“Hauptfriedhof” celebrates teampremiere on 03. Nov. 2011

… in Cinema Schauburg Karlsruhe. Entrance 5pm. Free Entrance!
Documentary by Melanie Jilg
60 Min., B&W, 5.1, HfG-Karlsruhe 2011
Camera: Florian Haag
Sound recording: Christine Wölfle
Sounddesign: Cornelia Böhm

Fog. On the highway nearby truck are passing. Foot ways draw dark lines in the snow. A cemetery wall. Gravestones. Leafless branches. A Labyrinth. A man hacking ice from the asphalt. Songs of football supporters from far away.
Wood. Stone. Ashes. Soil. Skin Hair. Snow. Metal. Time spreads like a tenacious mass. A composition in Picture and sound made from found material.



DCM mastering “Hauptfriedhof” by Melanie Jilg

We are currently working on “Hauptfriedhof”, a documentary by Melanie Jilg. The film has been shot on Orwo monochrome film material and puts our color transform matrix to the test, any color abbreviation will be visible as a color tint of the whole picture. Besides that the biggest possible bit depth has to be maintained over the whole process to avoid rough color transitions or color panes in the image. A standard bit depth of 8 bit per channel enables 16.7 million colors whereas in a monochrome picture will only form 256 different shades of gray!

In this case the source material was available as HDCAM SR in 10 bit, full contrast range has been brought to the sreen: the directrice Melanie Jilg was completely satisfied with the result.

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