We master Digital Cinema Packages (DCP) and Digital Cinema Distribution Master (DCDM):

We generate Digital Cinema Packages since 2011: with high-qualitiy software solutions (Easy DCP Creator+, Davinci Resolve, ProTools) and a lot of experience. That’s why we can offer a smooth workflow and perfect compliance with DCI standards. Our mastering-cinema has a 9m screen and an attached Davinci Resolve System, where colour matching and inspections can be done. There is a DCP playback workingstation provided for pre-checks and several stations for rendering, to guarantee a quick encoding process.

We offer:

    • Colour correction and quality check in the mastering-cinema via Davinci Resolve, 9m Screen, Christie CP 2210 in 12bit 4:4:4
    • DCP creation with proven business-standard: EasyDCP Creator+
    • completely DCI standard compliant: plays in every DCI compliant cinema worldwide
    • mastering and acceptance shows in 2K, 4K, 3D and HFR
    • versioning: integration of subtitles, opening and end credits, rental labelling
    • remastering: handling of existing DCPs as data source (also encrypted)
    • audio acceptance and level adjustment for advertising / trailer: 82 or 85Leq(M)


For further information check our detailed pricelist , see our FAQs on digital cinema or contact us directly.