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Of the Salamander’s Espousal With the Green Snake

DCP Erstellung Von der Vermählung

A film about a young man. His name is Jürgen Stenzel. He paints. An artist who never went to art school. His mother, Edeltraud, recounts a journey that started a long time ago and has etched itself into the story of her life. And Günter, the father, always the silent companion in the background. Father, mother, son. The film feels its way into the lives of these three people. And then it follows the subtle ramifications of their stories. The images arising won’t be complete. The portrait of a family, once brought together by coincidence. Their stories tell of families, dreams, traumas, setbacks and determination, allowing our perspective on the three people to change again and again. And just when the picture seems to come into focus, it blurs and is reset. The film is a search for traces, not aspiring to come to a conclusion, but rather seeking to endlessly evolve.